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Welcome to City Sailing 

City Sailing - Sailing in the City
City Sailing helps you forward your sailing by organising group or individual Theory courses in London We are the London Sailing Experts here to help you.

NEWS We are now able to offer MCA STCW First Aid and Sea Survival Courses as well as MCA BML Fire Awareness Courses in London.

Courses in your office at your convenience We can offer all our courses in your office including RYA Courses.

Commercial Endorsement PPR Course BOOK HERE
On Line SRC Radio, CEVNI, PPR and Safe and Fun Course LOG IN HERE
RYA Day Skipper Online web Course only £300
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Courses we offer:.
ICC Theory On Line- A beginners course covering the theory required for the practical ICC.
ICC Theory On Line plus 5 evenings in the classroom- A beginners course covering the theory required for the practical ICC.
RYA Day Skipper Theory London - A beginners classroom course in navigation, either in the classroom , on line or 5 evenings and on line
RYA Yachtmaster Coastal London - An advanced navigation course that assumes Day Skipper level.
RYA Yachtmaster Ocean- Navigate by the stars, you only need Day Skipper knowledge to join this course.
RYA or STCW First Aid Course- Know what to do if all goes wrong.
RYA VHF GMDSS Radio- get a certificate to operate a marine radio
RYA MCA or STCW Sea Survival Course- Find out what to do when the worst happens and you have to take to the raft. This includes a raft swimming pool session.
RYA Diesel Courses- the mysteries of under the stairs explained
RYA Safe and Fun Course For Dinghy and Windsurfer Instructors

Course Dates 2018

RYA Coastal Yacht Master 8 evenings and Weekend London £385
Evenings Feb 20, 27 March 6,13,20,27 April 3,10 Evening
Weekend April 14,15

RYA Day Skipper 5 evenings and 3 weekend days Canary Wharf £360
Evenings Feb 28 March 7,14, 21,28 Saturdays March 3, 17 April 7 2018

GMDSS RYA VHF Radio Sat 10th March Greenwich ph
GMDSS RYA VHF Radio Sat 28th April Greenwich ph
GMDSS RYA VHF Radio Sat 19th May Greenwich
GMDSS RYA VHF Radio Sat 9th June Greenwich

RYA First Aid Sat 24th Feb Greenwich rb
RYA First Aid Sat 10th March Docklands rb
MCA STCW EFA First Aid Sat 19th and 21st March Evenings Docklands pb
RYA First Aid Sat 28th April Greenwich rb
RYA First Aid Sat 19th May Greenwich rb
RYA First Aid Sat 9th June Greenwich rb

GMDSS RYA VHF Radio Exam Sat 10th March 16.30
GMDSS RYA VHF Radio Exam Sat 28th April 16.30
GMDSS RYA VHF Radio Exam Sat 19th May 16.30
GMDSS RYA VHF Radio Exam Sat 9th June 16.30

Sea Survival Sun 11th March Basildon
STCW MCA Sea Survival Sun 20th March Medway Towns
Sea Survival Sun 29th April Basildon
Sea Survival Sun 20th May Basildon
Sea Survival Sun 10th June Basildon

MCA Boat Master Fire Awareness Course Evening March 12th London Docklands

RYA Diesel Engine 25th Feb 2018
RYA Diesel Engine 22nd April 2018
RYA Diesel Engine 5th Aug 2018
RYA Diesel Engine 11th Nov 2018

Vessel Electrics Course March 18th Docklands

RYA Radar Course Evening TBA London

RYA ISAf Offshore Course

Online courses can start at any time.

All RYA Practical and RYA on line web courses are held at RYA Recognised centres. RYA on Line Courses delivered by Navathome, a RYA Recognised Training Centre specialising in online training.

MCA STCW and BML MCA Courses run by City Training (owned by Paul Bew) MCA School Number 4921or other recognised schools.

Terms and conditions.
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Upcoming Training Dates
RYA Diesel Engine
25th February 2018
RYA Day Skipper Classroom
28th February 2018
RYA VHF GMDSS Radio Course
10th March 2018
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