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 RYA  VHF GMDSS Radio Course 

RYA VHF GMDSS Course trains you for the 'certificate to operate' which is required to use a VHF Marine radio aboard your vessel. This course requires no prior knowledge and encompasses the VHF and DSC components of the RYA Radio Course in one day or over two evenings.

If you do not have the RYA VHF certificate enrol on the City Sailing one day or two evenings SRC GMDSS course which will qualify you to operate all Marine VHF radios worldwide.

Prior Course Knowledge 

This course is aimed for you to safely and knowledgeably use a VHF radio and be able to transmit a distress call in the event of an emergency.


The course will cumulate in an external assessment for your full RYA VHF GMDSS Radio operators certificate.


Prior to the course we recommend that you read our pdf notes and learn the Phonetic alphabet. We will also send you the RYA VHF GMDSS Book hardcopy or e-copy for you to read prior to the course.

You will need:

Passport Photo

Exam form downloaded from the RYA Web site linked HERE 

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