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Fun Stuff a collection of videos that entertain us!

Tall Ships 1992

In 1992 the Ocean Youth Club took three vessels transatlantic in the wake of Columbus, here is thew tale of on Vessel the Greater Manchester Challenge. You may recognise some faces. 

Unseen Footage from the above 

Some great shots of sailing massively by the lee in breeze, not for the faint hearted or recommended! 

Tall Ships Come to London 2014

In 2114 the Ocean Youth Trust Vessel John Laing came to London and we were delighted to be invited to the parade of sail. 

A tour of the OYT vessel John Laing 

Great footage of inside and the life on a sail training vessel 

Paul Explains how a sail works 

It is not all it seems, with some experiments and fun Paul explains the main forces involved in how a sail works. 

See the Tide go below Chart Datum in London 

Great footage of the tide going below chart datum in London and an explanation of what it looks like in life and on the plotter. 

History of the London Milwall Dock from 1898 to today.

Today the Millwall Dock host sailling boats and watersports from the Docklamnds Sailing and Watersports Centre, I am asked how deep it it, is is a waterfeature, watch the vidoe and all will be answered including a few secrets you never knew Mr Bond. 

Paul hosts Blue Peter for Plastic Fishing 

Paul fulfills a dream of a lifetime to host Blue Peter, they came to the Docklands to plastic fish.  Watch how they get on when they go head to head!

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