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Vessel Fire Awareness Course

This vessel fire awareness course is a yacht version of our MCA Boatmaster Fire Awareness Course, we will cover fire theory, extinguishers and end up with a hands-on practical session using live Fire Extinguishers.

Why this course?

Fire is one of the worst things for people going to sea.  You can not run away from the fire and your only exit is your liferaft.  Modern craft are made from combustible materials that give off toxic gasses. This course explains the fire triangle, extinguishers on board and gives you a chance to use fire extinguishers for real giving you the best chance if you experience a fire onboard.

Course Content:

  • Introduction to fire safety

  • The fire triangle

  • Fire Spread and behaviour

  • Fire Control Methods

  • Stopping Fires Occurring 

  • Saving Lives and Minimising Damage

  • Fire Extinguishers

  • Fire Safety Procedures

  • Practical Session

Whats included?

  • Fire Safety Made Easy Book

  • City Sailing Fire Safety Certificate  

  • MCA Boatmaster Fire Certificate

vessels fire safety course in london
successful students on fire course
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