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Vessel 12 Volt Electrics Course 

Our Vessel 12Volt Electrics Course is designed for those interested in sailing, or motorboating.  It is an entry-level course and requires no prior knowledge. You will learn the basics of the 12 Volt Systems on Yachts and Powerboats with our experienced instructors.

Why this course?

This is a great starter course in vessel electrics so you understand what to do if your engine has no starting power or your instruments do not work.  We go through a basic understanding of vessel electrics on your boat, fault finding and how to follow a basic wiring diagram.

Course Content:

  • Battery Management and Charging

  • Safety using Electrics

  • Electrical Protection Devices

  • Battery Chargers 

  • Lighting

  • Fault finding

  • Crimping 

  • Soldering

city sailing electrics course board
City Sailing Electrics Course
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