Riverside Personal Safety Awareness Course
Riverside Personal Safety Awareness Course

This training is intended to meet the requirements for people working close to the Thames shoreline to show an awareness of the hazards and give survival techniques.

Course duration - 6 hours or 2 hours if in conjunction with our MCA STCW Sea Survival.

Pre Course Knowledge - none


Syllabus Theory
Work Place dangers

Tides, sluices, draw off, mud, drowning, tidal awareness, use of life rings and throwlines.

Looking at specific workplace Risk Assessments, SMS, wash, draw off, slip hazards, weed, ice, Weil's disease (Leptospirosis), Blue-Green Algae, Cold Water Shock, visibility.

Lifesaving Safety Appliances
Life Rings and Throw Lines
Safety Boats, Ladders, Slipways.
Access to AED location, actions required if someone falls in.

First Aid Kit

Lifejackets, type issued SOLAS including care and maintenance.
Other PPE and how to use it correctly.

Initial and Secondary Actions when falling in the water
Initial Cold Water Shock
What to do initially
Secondary Actions
HELP Position
Hypothermia, Drowning
Secondary Drowning

Role of Thames Coastguard and VTS
Rescue Services Available RNLI, Marine Police other vessels.
Shoreside rescue and in River Rescue

Water-Based in Pool or Open Water
Throw lines - use and being rescued
Life Rings - Use and being rescued
Lifejacket correctly donned
How to swim in Jacket and restrictions
Repacking a throw line