RYA Yachtmaster Ocean Theory Course 

RYA Yachtmaster Ocean Theory Course 

Unravel the mysteries of navigating with a sextant, ocean passage making, worldwide meteorology, and ocean electronic navigation aids.

This course is for people aspiring to bluewater sailing and is ideal for holders of the Yachtmaster Offshore certificate who are preparing for their first ocean passage.

Or if you always wanted to know how the square-rigger captains navigate's with a sextant this is your course.

We recommend a minimum of RYA Day Skipper Theory and an interest in Maths as a prerequisite for this course.

Course Content?

On the course we will cover. 

The earth and the celestial sphere - the basics

The sextant - how to set up and use your sextant

Measurement of time - how time is measured 

Noon Latitude Positions - how it all started 

Sun, star and other sights - how we did it when we have accurate time

Compass checking - using the sun

Great circle sailing - the best way to get there 

Meteorology - choosing the best time and weather for your passage 

Passage planning - putting your ocean passage together 

Communications - keeping in touch and getting weather information

Calm Sea
A Yacht at Sea
What Shall I bring?

You will need a set of plotters and dividers which you will probably have from your last theory course.

You will need a pencil and notebook, we will send you a pdf of pro formers and plotting sheets.

Paul your instructor is the only RYA Yachtmaster Ocean Examiner in London and will explain how to get your practical RYA Yachtmaster Ocean Certificate which is the pinnacle of RYA Qualifications.