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RYA Sea Survival Course 

City Sailing will give you the edge in the event of an emergency at sea, people who have received our training are more likely to survive.

The purpose of this course is to give people who goes to sea in small commercial motor/sailing vessels the basic knowledge and practical experience of personal survival principles and techniques. 

No prior knowledge is required.

What you will learn 

On Your RYA Sea Survival Course you will learn about preparation for survival.  We will show you lifejackets and how to fit them, Rafts and how and what to do in the case of abandoning ship.


You will join a practical session in a heated swimming pool. You will then practice raft drills and survival techniques as well as experience why a lifejacket needs to be fitted properly.  This course is a must for everyone who sails or goes to sea.

The Course 

We will explain life-rafts and lifejackets in the classroom and then go to the pool so you can experience life-rafts and lifejackets for real.


This is a fun educational hands on course for everyone.

This course will not only prepare you in case the worst happens but also give you advice and training how to avoid being in a survival position. 

Sea Survival course raft in a pool
Pools session with raft
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