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MCA Boat Master Fire Course

This course is aimed at all mariners who go on the water in smaller boats. It covers the fire training needed for the MCA BML Boat Master Licence.

The course is in London, near Canary Wharf, you will get the chance to fight a live fire with CO2. Foam and Water.


Theory of combustion and the Fire Triangle
Knowledge of types of ignition likely to be found on vessels
Awareness of flammable materials, fire hazards and spread of fire
Knowledge of best practice precautions and awareness of the need for vigilance onboard
Knowledge of classification of fires (A, B, C & D) as well as correct extinguishing equipment and methods for each type
Knowledge of types of portable extinguishers: water, dry powder, foam, CO2, and fire blanket.
Know how to extinguish a fire and practical use of extinguishers
Knowledge of correct location of fire fighting equipment on your vessel
Awareness of types and use of fixed fire-fighting installations on large and small vessels
Knowledge of correct sequence for fire detection and raising the alarm ("FIRE"):
Fire, Inform, Restrict, Extinguish

Location near Canary Warf

Our courses are conducted at the MCA inspected classrooms at the Docklands Sailing and Watersports Centre near Canary Wharf.  It is easy to get to and there is free parking. 

We pay the centre for to use the premises, so your booking helps take local East End Children Sailing.  

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