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RYA World World Sailing Offshore Safety Course 

RYA Offshore Safety Course 

Introduction to the City Sailing RYA/World Sailing Offshore Safety Course to set the scened for further discussion. 

Vessel Roll in breaking waves 

We explain how it is possible that a breaking wave with the height the same or more than your beam is enough to capsize you. 

EPIRB and Rescue Beacons

Tony Bullimore only escapes his ordeal for over four days inside the Excide Challenger due to his position beacon and his true grit to survive. We love his book 'Saved' it is well worth a read. 

Fire on board

Fire is a sailor's greatest fear. We have no way of going to the assembly point and when we get there our raft is not that fie proof.

Person Overboard 

In this tutorial, we look at how we avoid falling over the side and what to do including getting people back on board. 


We also have a clip filmed by Paul on location in Agina Greece.  

Weather and Waves 

Learn about weather and waves, refraction of waves and what makes waves break. 

Rescue at Sea

Rescue at sea, how a rescue from a helicopter and lifeboat is conducted. 


Part 1 Global Weather 
Part 2 Principles of weather experiments
Part 3 Weather Highs and lows
Part 4 Weather Fronts  
Part 5 Forecasts and information
Part 6 Local Weather-Sea Breezes and Fog 

Weather, one of those subjects you can not ignore

Watch them in order to understand weather, hopefully, you will enjoy this in-depth explanation and make your time on the water more fun. 

Yacht Dismasting 

One of the biggest worries is losing your mast.  We look at a few dismastings and discuss what we can do about it 

Vessel Safety 

We look at vessel safety and safety equipment on vessels 

Storm Sails

Storm sails depower the rig for when the wind increases we look at the fitting, leads, and the changes of load on your rigs.

We also look at the practacalilities of setting the storm sails

Personal Safety 

This video goes through personal safety on a vessel.

VHF Mayday Call

VHF Mayday Call - we explain how to make a VHF Mayday Call as part of our GMDSS VHF Course videos.

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