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MCA STCW Personal Survival Techniques - Sea Survival

The greatest and most immediate threat to life in the event of abandoning ship is cold exposure.


Precautions to protect against it, together with knowledge of survival equipment and its use, is the main message of this training.


Other problems that a survivor will encounter are covered so as to ensure the highest possible chances of survival.

We are a registered MCA training provider for this course.

Who needs this Course?

This is a commercial MCA course for people working on the water or near the water. We run this course for groups in a specially constructed pool in Basildon. 

If you are a yachts person we recommend out RYA Sea Survival Course.


The certificate will state that the candidate has;
completed a program of training by the
Maritime and Coastguard Agency as meeting
the requirements laid down in STCW 95
Regulation VI/1 and paragraph 2.1.1 of
Section VI/1 of the STCW Code.

This course will be held at a purpose-built pool and classroom in Basildon with a 3m platform to step into the water and classroom on site. 

This course is offered for group bookings as well as individuals

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