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Essential Navigation Course 

RYA Essential Navigation Course 

RYA Explain the essentials and overview of this course of the course.


The course can be taken in the classroom or online, we have put some tutorials below to help you with the essential navigation course.

City Sailing Explain how to log on the RYA Essential Navigation Online Portal

We explain how to log on, how to use the online course with the books and documents and how to work through the course.

Session 1 Charts Publication and Terms TEST YOURSELF

Parts of a vessel 

Looking at RYA Charts 3,4 


Session 2 Buoyage 
Test Yourself 

Types of Buoys for Channels, Danger, Safe Water, we have let Jake from the RYA take this session as we love the RYA Video on this! 

Session 3 Navigation 
Test Yourself

Navigation, we love this. This includes


The compass rose 

Latitude and Longitude 

Using your Breton Plotter 

Measuring direction and distance 

Allowing for variation

Plotting a bearing line 

Session 4 Safety 
Test Yourself 

All the safety kit you need 

Session 6 Tide Flow 
Session5 Anchoring 
Test Yourself 

How, where, and the types of anchor to use. How to set your anchor and to check if it is dragging. 

We love anchoring and finding places that we can not see from the marinas. 

Session 6 Tides (Heights)

In this tutorial, we look at how to read a tide table to find high and low water and the times. We find out how and why tides work with the effect of the earth and moon.

We are shown how to use a tidal curve to work out the height of tide for any given time during the day. 

Session 6 Tide Flow 

How to work out tidal flow using a tidal stream atlas and tidal diamonds. We also look at a worked example.

Electronic Navigation Session 7 

In this tutorial, we look at electronic navigation 

Session 6 Tide Flow 
Session 6 Tide Flow 
Waypoint Navigation 
Session 6 Tide Flow 

This video is about Waypoint Navigation. This is essential for the RYA Day Skipper and RYA Essential Navigation Course. We explain how to choose waypoints, how to enter them, and the pitfalls of waypoints.

Session 8 Rules of the Road 

IRPCS Rules of the road, Paul explains the basics of the Rules of the Road for sailing vessels and power vessels, who gives way and who stands on. This is more than enough information for you to understand this part of the ENS Course. 


We explain the fundamentals of pilotage and how to prepare to enter and exit a harbour.


Introduction to weather and a look at our favorite web sites for weather. 

Passage Planning 

We put it all together in a passage plan. 

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