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RYA Radar Course 

A one-day or two evening course giving you an understanding of radar as an aid to navigation and collision avoidance.

Cruising boats increasingly have radar on board.

The International Regulations for the Prevention of Collisions at Sea state that if you have a radar, you must know how to use it.


We explain how the set works, how to interpret the picture and understand the uses and limitations of your set.


City Sailing Radar course
Course Content 

Course topics include:

How the radar set works
How its adjustments and features affect the way it works
Target definition
Radar reflectors
Types of radar display
Radar plotting
The use of radar in navigation and collision avoidance

Radar plotting using radar plotting sheets

Working our closest point of approach 

Collision avoidance within IRPCS Rule 19

Radar Course Prerequisite

This RYA Radar Course comes with the RYABook, City Sailing plotting sheets and workbook. 

You need no prior knowledge we recommend you bring a pencil, notebook, plotter and dividers if you have them.

This course is highly recommended for RYA Yachtmaster Practical as the examiner can ask Radar questions including about Rule 19. 

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