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RYA MCA Sea Survival Course 

RYA Sea Survival Course 

Introduction to the City Sailing RYA/MCA Sea Survival Course 

Raft Contents 

Whats in my raft pack?

Rescue at Sea 

How you get rescued by a helecopter at sea or by la lifeboat and how to prepare for a tow. 

Fire on board and how to deal with it

Fire is a sailor's greatest fear. We have no way of going to the assembly point and when we get there our raft is not that fie proof.


Paul goes into detail explaining lifejackets and the different types, manual and automatic and what to look out for.


We look at examples of an EPIRB and a SART, please refer to the safety tutorial in the Day Skipper Section. 

Hydrostartic Releases 

We look at hydrostatic releases and how they work with the raft. 

RNLI Coldwater Shock Video 

We love this video and how it clearly explains the effect of coldwater shock. We do strongly recommend everyone not just the dog wears a lifejacket!!!

New RYA Cold Water Casulaty Video

This RYA video explains Cold Water Shock and is the newest in their range of excellent videos with Proffesor Mike Tipton.

Flares and how to use them

Marine flares are a critical safety tool for mariners, providing a distress signal that can be seen from far away.


They are an essential addition to any vessel's safety equipment and can be used to alert other boats and shore-based personnel of an emergency.


Marine flares are easy to use, and can be a lifesaving tool in an emergency situation.

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