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KS3 Nautical Video Content 

Dangers on the Thames 

This video highlights some of the dangers on the Thames including Cold Water Shock, drowning and what to do if you fall into the water. 

The Three courses of the Thames Upper Middle and Lower 

Some great shots from the opening of the 2012 Olympics and an explanation of the courses of a river, useful for KS3 Geography.

KS3 Compass and Direction 

An introduction to compass and direction, acknowledgement to BBC Bitesize and Navionics Web app. 

Local Noon Time and how the Vikings found their Latitude

Local Noon and time and how the Vikings found their latitude using a sun wheel.

Paul Explains how a sail works 

It is not all it seems, with some experiments and fun Paul explains the main forces involved in how a sail works. 

See the Tide go below Chart Datum in London 

Great footage of the tide going below chart datum in London and an explanation of what it looks like in life and on the plotter. 

We make clouds and rain! 

See clouds made, why does it rain, we also make our own rain. We also discover that warm air holds more moisture than cold air. Part of the City Sailing Weather series on the Day Skipper page. 

We look at how the Thames was in 1915 and today 2021

We compare the traffic on the River Thames in 1915 to today and look at what the Pool of London was like in 1915 and today. We laso look at where all the Thames Traffic has gone. 

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