City Sailing helps you enhance your sailing by organising group and individual theory courses in London and further afield. We are the London Sailing Experts here to help you with your sailing needs.
We offer all the RYA Theory courses as well as MCA STCW First Aid, Sea Survival Courses, MCA BML Fire Awareness Courses, First Aid at Work and Fire Mashal Courses in London or your location. 

COVID 19 23rd Feb 2021

Training and/or assessment undertaken for work purposes or leading to a formal qualification that can be used for employment may continue all other classroom training may not continue at the moment.  As soon as we get info from the RYA re the announcement we will post it here. 

City Sailing Dates 

Covid Changes Offshore Safety and the Theory for Sea Survival will be live online, you will need to attend a half-day pools session for the Sea Survival and Offshore Safety to get your certificate when it is safe to do so. 

Sea Survival Theory Course Live Online Evenings Feb 25th March 16th (pool March 27th 1/2 Day)

Offshore Safety Course Live online (March 9th,10th) Pool March 27th 1/2 Day)

RYA VHF Course March 28th, April 24th, May 8th June 5th July 10th Sept 18th

RYA VHF Exam Only  March 28th, April 24th, May 8th June 5th July 10th Sept 18th

RYA Sea Survival Course Practical    March 27th, April 25th, These dates will be split into Morning/ Afternoon Practical ONLY sessions for people who have completed the Live Online Theory Classes.


RYA Sea Survival Course (This we hope will be normal Format) May 9th June 6th July 11th Sept 19th (Running with RYAand Gov COVID guidance if required)


RYA First Aid Course  March 27th, April 24th, May 8th June 5th July 10thSept 18th 

Emergency First Aid at Work Course March 13th 

RYA Diesel Engine Course TBA (COVID)

RYA Radar Course  Sept 18th

Vessel Electrics Course April 24th, May 8th Sept 18th

RYA Courses Log in

RYA VHF Exam Payment Log in page 


Just a quick note to say thanks for the course last Saturday. Was a really enjoyable course (well as enjoyable as learning about resuscitation can be!), and filled in a lot of gaps since my last one a few years back.

I’ll be sure to recommend to anyone else I know who is looking for shore-based training.


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