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Vessel Electrics Course  

Vessel Electrics Course

This course is for complete beginners who would not know what to do if the electrics go down on the boat! We have teamed up with an experienced skipper and yacht owner who has made course notes and a hands-on platform with the essential components found on vessels.

We will give you an overview of the way vessels are wired up and the important components:

We will look at the different batteries, how they are wired up and how to maintain them.

How the batteries are charged and what to do if this is not happening.

Starter Motor
How this works and engages and what to do if it does not work or engage.

What they are, where they are and how to change them.

Also, we show you how to check voltages, continuity and basic fault finding.

We have a made-up board with all the elements on your vessel but in an easy to work on and understand format.

So if you want the blind magic of the vessel electrics explained please book on the course and we will explain all.
Price: 110
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Vessel Electrics Course

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